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Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days: The gift of choice


With over 1,500 individual experiences, from adrenalin pumping Ferrari driving days to civilised afternoon teas, Virgin Experience Days has a perfect a day out for everyone. Indeed so big has its range of experiences become that choosing the right one as a personal gift for a friend, or as a corporate treat for an employee, was fast becoming a bewildering process.

To address this concern, we designed a tailored gift card solution with flexibility in its DNA. The cards can be issued either as fixed value for the one time use, or as a reloadable solution for businesses wishing to reuse the cards as part of employee rewards and incentive programmes. Whichever model is chosen, all cards enable their lucky recipient to select their Virgin experience of choice.

The purpose built gift card management platform we developed for Virgin Experience Days services tens of thousands of gift cards in circulation with consumers and businesses across the UK.  The programme has also opened up new routes to market for the popular brand; the cards now participate in the resident gift card malls of major retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Clintons and WH Smith.

As the Virgin Experience Days business evolves, we adapt the management platform to ensure its gift cards stay permanently ahead of the game.


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