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iTerminal & mTerminal

Secure and convenient tools to process transactions on PC, tablet or mobile

i-Terminal is a web based portal that uses your existing internet connection to make real-time authorisations, providing a fast and reliable card processing solution that is easy to use.

i-Terminal is an online version of the card payment terminals used in shops and offices. It has been specifically designed to securely process the Gift & Loyalty Co. issued Closed Loop Gift Card transactions.

i-Terminal also provides the information that you need to reconcile your till or balance sheet, with a convenient reports function designed to make daily reconciliation quick and easy.

With no need to invest in expensive equipment, low set up costs and fair transaction processing fees, i-Terminal provides a cost effective solution for processing the Gift & Loyalty Co. issues Closed Loop Gift Cards.

iTerminal & mTerminal

Meeting your needs

  • Low set up costs with no long rental periods
  • Scalability – you decide how many user logins you require
  • Real time authorisation for improved security
  • Encrypted website for data protection
  • Online reports suite to make the reconciliation process as smooth as possible
  • Easy to understand billing and pricing structure based on set up and maintenance fees


Easy to use

Getting started is easy – a link to i-Terminal is simply added to each PC, Tablet or Mobile device depending on your specific business requirements. i-Terminal is intuitive to use, but the Gift & Loyalty Co. will provide full training instructions as part of the set up. This is a secure website accessed by a URL.

i-Terminal includes information boxes that provide helpful user guidance and explanations. In case of any customer balance queries, i-Terminal also includes a useful card history function that allows you to view all the transactions that have taken place on a particular card. A dedicated helpline is also provided to answer any queries you or your staff may have.

For ease of use we can pre-populate the first part of the Card number or you could add a mag stripe reader.


m-Terminal for mobile devices

We have developed a mobile app with all the functionality of i-Terminal but for mobile devices – this is called m-Terminal.

Key Features

    Bulk loading function

  • i-Terminal has the flexibility to be used by front-end colleagues at the PoS dealing first hand with Customers and can also be used to support ‘back office’ functions at head office. For example, to help you in exploiting your B2B opportunities, i-Terminal can be used to load individual cards one by one or, by calling up the ‘bulk load’ function larger volumes can be loaded if required. The facility to ‘bulk load’ is accessed through your i-Terminal screens, and by entering the start and end range of the cards being loaded, and the denomination to be loaded, you can use this efficient and effective solution to drive your business.

  • Multi User

  • The Gift & Loyalty Co. offer a multi-user function in i-Terminal, where a ‘super-user’ can apply access rights and create new users. This allows your business to allocate special access rights to various reporting functions and make every profile created bespoke.

  • Branded design

  • The Gift & Loyalty Co. works with your designers. Our marketing department will carry across your in-house branding and logos so that the i-Terminal version used by your colleagues is ‘owned’ in the business. This re-enforces our philosophy that Gift Cards are a key feature of your business.


Safe and secure

  • ID and password required for secure login

  • Automatic time out after 5 minutes of inactivity for additional security

  • Site traffic encrypted using SSL certificates to ensure all data transmitted remains private and secure

  • Cookies encrypted to protect data from unauthorised users